A very famous person said not long ago, that if you listened to certain news outlets you are living on a different planet and no truer words have ever been spoken.  There is a planet on which you could keep your Doctor if you liked him/her, even though you couldn’t and your health premiums would go down except they didn’t.  There is a planet on which if you allow lunatics to get nuclear weapons you will be safe, but if anyone makes jokes about the lunatics the world might end.  There is a planet where thinking of firing someone might be obstruction of justice but where the weaponization of the IRS is no big deal.  There is a planet where talking about things is a sin but actually doing those things is protected.  There is a planet where the protectors of society are lampooned and detested, and those who corrupt society are hailed as heros.  There really are two different planets.  What is frightening is that those two different planets are in the same space.

Children are taught early on that two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time.