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We have the good news. “Unto you is born in the city of David a Savior………………I have been writing about the impossible task of the ministry which is really the work of proclaiming this message.  It is getting harder and it seems that more an more people either don’t want the message or they are bored with it.  Luther must have suffered from the same situation because he wrote this…

 But for whom was he born and whose Lord and Savior is he?  The angels declare that he was born Lord and Savior.  The Turks, the pope, and the scholars say the same thing, but only to the extent that it brings in money and honor.  But that anyone could say, “to you is born,” as the angel says, this is the faith which we must preach about.  But we cannot preach about it as we would like to do.  Indeed, who could ever grasp [the full meaning of] these words of the evangelist: “a Savior, who is the Lord,” and, “to you”!  I know well enough how to talk about it and what to believe about it, just as others do.  So there are many who have this belief and do it, just as others do.  So there are many who have this belief and do not doubt this first belief that Christ is the Lord, the Savior, and the virgin’s Son.  This I too have never doubted.  But if these words are planted no higher than my thoughts, then they have no firm roots.  We are certain that this was proclaimed by the angel, but the firm faith does not follow.  For the reason does not understand both sides of this faith, first that Christ is a man, but also the Savior and Lord or King.  This needs to be revealed from heaven.  One who really has the first faith also has the other.

 Who, then, are those to whom this joyful news is to be proclaimed?  Those who are faint-hearted and feel the burden of their sins, like the shepherds, to whom the angels proclaim the message, letting the great lords in Jerusalem, who do not accept it, go on sleeping.  Beyond the first faith there must be the second faith, that Christ is not only the virgin’s Son, but also the Lord of angels and the Savior of men.  The words anyone can understand, antisacramentarians, fanatics, sectarians, and Turks; but they do not proceed from the heart they come only from hearing and go no farther than hearing.  This is not faith, however, but only a memory of what has been heard, that one knows that he has heard it.  Nobody ventures upon it, so as to stake goods, life, and honor upon it.  And yet we must preach it for the sake of those who are in the multitude to whom the angel preached.

I wrote this song which is about looking, think, studying and hearing this message and what it did and what it meant to countless generations.  I called it “Look”.