Rev Seter spent some time on earlier posts talking about cooperation in externals.  I suggest you reread those posts.

Today is Saturday and there is a blizzard ripping western North Dakota.  So, what I’m about to describe might not  happen today.  BUT, there’s an outisde chance if you are traveling today (and if you are traveling in western ND, I hope it’s for something really important.) that you might notice a pick up truck with Lutheran Disaster Response magnetic door signs pulling a Jewish Disaster Relief tool trailer.  The trailer has NECHAMA on the side which I’m told is the Hebrew word for “comfort”.  It would make me look twice.

The trailer is on loan and is full of tools needed to help muck out basements and fix things.  The volunteers in the truck are LCMS members.  It’s so unusal that the driver of the truck called me to let me know what he was up to.  He was concerned that LCMS members would call our office to complain.  Especially, if he parked the trailer in an LCMS church parking lot.  We are only using the tools.  Frankly, I’m not sure I could pick the Lutheran hammer out of a hammer line up!

I find it interesting in a state like ND where you can’t shake a stick without hitting a Lutheran of  one persuasion or another that Lutheran Diaster Response even needs to borrow a tool trailer.  Pray for these volunteers and the people they are helping.