We love the image of gentle Jesus meek and mild.  The nativity scenes are usually ethereal and cozy.  The reality of a barn in the “bleak midwinter” is something quite different as anyone that has ever spent the night in one with a sick animal can tell you.  The reality of gentle Jesus meek and mild is a comfort for poor lowly sinners “like you and like I” as the old spiritual awkwardly puts it.  But there are other realities as well.  This is the one that set the stars in their place and was there when the “morning stars sang together”.  Mary’s little baby grew up and became a broken bloody sacrifice hanging on a cross.  Mary’s little baby will someday come to judge the living and the dead. 

This is my attempt to balance the syrupy maudlin with a healthy dose of 2nd Article realities.

 [cincopa AoPAbwaWkabH]