perspectiveI snapped this picture in St. Louis.  I thought it was an interesting work of art or whatever, but when I got home and looked I realized how huge this thing is.  See the little people trying to crawl into that massive body?

Well it is not that big.  Somehow I got the picture lined up in such a way that the perspective looks as though people about a block away are right there trying to enter the body of this sculpture.  Perspective is an interesting thing.  We are obviously not seeing what we think we are seeing, or we are seeing the truth from a different angle.  Mercy work is like that.  Depending on your perspective it is a good thing or an awful thing to help people like we are trying to do with Project 24.  How much help are we actually offering?  Some would say that we aren’t accomplishing much and others would say that we are making a genuine difference.  It all depends on where you stand.

My perspective is the words of Jesus after he told the story of the “Good Samaritan”.  He didn’t run a cost benefit analyses of the life of the beaten man after his rescue.  He didn’t tell us that the man became a believer and so all the effort was worth it.  He didn’t go into the metrics of mercy.  He simply said, “you go and do likewise”.  Pretty straight forward.  Hard to parse those words to mean anything more or less than what they say.