Luther the Comfort Dog

Next Saturday at the Dakota Girls and Boys Ranch there will be a “Faith in Action Mercy conference from 9;15 – 4;30.  The address is 7151 15th St. S Fargo. Go to . and reserve your spot

“Compassion – begets action.  Mercy – makes something happen.” * That’s how President Harrison President of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod speaks about the amazing work of *Mercy.* Don’t miss, *Faith in Action, *the one-day conference on the campus of the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch in Fargo that will bring Lutherans together Lutherans from Minnesota and North Dakota to re-imagine the work of mercy! Featured presenters include President Harrison, special guest Dr. Robert Stadler, as well as the ministries of Orphan Grain Train, the Comfort Dog Ministry of Lutheran Church Charities, Tentmakers, LCMS International ministries of mercy and much more! You won’t want to miss it!  If you have never seen the Comfort Dogs it would be well worth the trip.  They are amazing and beautiful animals and they have been at disaster sites and school shootings and have developed quite a following on their own.

I will be doing a Bible study on “Mercy and God’s Glory” if you can tear yourself away from the dogs.