View from the flood plain

One of the reasons that we started this blog was to show our connection and partnerships in our life together. We partner in acts of mercy around the world and we do the same here. Pastor Breitbarth from Chisolm, Minnesota got a crew together and went over to Minot to do some cleanup work. Much appreciated and the pictures speak for themselves. I keep thinking of the collection that Paul took for the poor in Jerusalem. Paul knew that the collection of that many from newly converted pagans was a test of “koinonia” or fellowship. The poor Jews in Jerusalem may never see these pagans and vice versa, but the offering of mercy and the gracious reception of the same were proofs of “life together”.   Folks from Minnesota came to Minot to help.  That was an act of mercy and a proof of fellowship.  People from Minot graciously and thanfully receive that help.  Prayerfully folks from North Dakota have gone to Minot as well.  We will try and have more images and notes from the Minot recovery as the week goes on.  If anyone out there from North Dakota has taken a crew we can share your experiences as well.  Pastor Fenske took some folks to Minot and we had pictures from there back in September (24-25).  I am awaiting some personal comments from Pastor Breitbarth that we will share as well.

Interior of someones home