Our group that is making the advance trip for the Mary Okeyo Student travel fund arrived in Amsterdam and I have a few hours before we leave for Niarobi.  On the trip with me is Kyle Novak from Grafton, Stephanie Erlandson whose father is Ken from Lutheran Island Camp, Cheryl Peterson Minnesota North  LWML President, Annie Pitschka from Concordia in St. Paul , and Kurt Daubt from Crown.

When we boarded the plane in Minneapolis it was like old home week. Three of  the flight attendents are from or live in and around Crown.  Our flight attendant was Benita Fjerstad and she attends Faith Community Lutheran in Zimmerman.  Pastor Walberg will be happy to know his parishioner is wonderful, competent, kind and  displays a servant heart.  Delta airline also has a great asset.

We will search for WIFI hotspots as we continue our journey.