I did a little checking and found GEO Missionary Tim Dooms blog site.  He kindly mentioned that we had been to visit and in his blog dated January 14th had been excited about being the teacher at the Project 24 rescue center at Kisumu.  Evidently they also were teaching at Ukunda/Whema/Faraga.  He has pictures of some of the sites and evidently has been teaching at some of them.  His wife had written this –
Hot dusty weather welcomed us back to Kisumu this January. With the New Year beginning under the rays of intense equatorial sunlight, our work also began with a team of Project 24 members from the US arriving in Kisumu on Monday. After visiting the Mambo Leo Rescue Center here in Kisumu and learning about their previous and future plans to visit other Project 24 sites, we were able to gain a better understanding of the progress at some of the sites.
 Unfortunately repairing the damage caused to the Mambo Leo Rescue Center back in November during a severe storm was delayed in December due to heavy rains, and therefore progress towards the center’s opening still remains slow. Students have returned to their previous schools as the new term began last week.
 So on Tuesday Tim met with the head teacher at the Lutheran Non-Formal Center about resuming duties there for the time being. He learned the teaching staff is short-handed this term due to a maternity leave and therefore Tim can fulfill an important need. Plans were also made with the head teacher to implement some practices to strengthen literacy. After receiving last year’s 8th grade exam scores, boosting English reading skills was determined to benefit students across the curriculum. An interactive read aloud as well as instructional level reading groups have been planned and Tim is preparing to facilitate them.
You can check out their blog at www.hujamborafiki.blogspot.com/