I have cats, and I know the definition of “caterwauling”.  Everyday I wake up to caterwauling, not from my cats, but from the unrelenting odium cast upon the President of the United States by the folks, generally, who occupy the left.  He talks badly about the leader of North Korea who is a bloody dictator and he is brutalized.  Now he talks to the dictator and says some nice things about him and he is brutalized.   The examples are too numerous to mention, but I told a friend that if Trump turned water into wine at a State dinner he would be attacked for the vintage and lack of “legs”.  Some would accuse him of being a dipsomaniac even though Trump is a teetotaler.

The constant high pitched screaming wears on the nerves and at some point becomes counter productive.  Many are getting to the point where they simply no longer listen to the news and avoid reading it if possible.  These high decibel screechers might want to remember what one of the gods in their pantheon said long ago.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt said that one should  “be sympathetic to the view that the public psychology and, for that matter, individual psychology, cannot, because of human weakness, be attuned for long periods of time to a constant repetition of the highest note on the

*F.D.R. letter to Ray Stannard Baker – March 20, 1935