I received this forward yesterday.  The email is from Kurt Rosin.  I remember driving around Grand Forks in 1997 with Kurt and seeing devastation like this.  It also reminds me of what I saw in Wadena last year.  It would be nice to hear from someone from Wadena how much the volunteer help meant. Here is a picture of Minot and a picture of Wadena.  As I said before all disasters seem to have a mind numbing “sameness” to them while being uniquely individual in the pain they cause.  If you can help please let the District Offices know.

Lots of cleanup will be needed in Minot.

Lots was needed in Wadena

We arrived in Minot today. People are going back into the flooded homes to work. There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer, with lots of work to do. We are, even at this point, as we talk to people, seeing them cry when discussing what they have to do. We have found places for people to stay. It may be in the church, but there will be places to stay. All volunteers are able to shower at the YMCA, and we are putting the finishing touches on figuring out food with the Salvation Army/Red Cross/Southern Baptists. So it appears the need is great. Consider coming whenever you can. Let us know — we will find work for you to do.


God bless,