In a day of instant communication with a 24 hour news cycle it is hard to believe that there are more disasters going on than earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and tornadoes.  My cousin sent this picture of the sun taken at mid-day.  Smoke from forest fires in the Northwest are so bad that there has been thoughts of cancelling, wait for it – college football games!  You know things are bad when that is even suggested.  There have been a few mornings here in North Dakota when the air smells like a cigar store I frequent in St. Louis.

I wonder when someone will blame all this on global warning?  There has probably been more pollutants dumped into the atmosphere from fires in California, Oregon, Idaho and Montana than from cars or barbecues.  So what will the EPA do about it?

We call these things natural disasters or as the Insurance companies like to say, acts of God.  I have heard so many people say in the last weeks that God is trying to tell us something.  My answer has been that God has been telling us something and has spoken His final Word and maybe we should listen.  In many and various ways God spoke to our fathers of old but in these latter days He has spoken through His Son.  Too bad we have trouble believing or caring about what He said.