double funeral

Thirty five years of ministry and I don’t remember ever doing a double internment.  We had the funeral for the Husband and Father about three months ago and now the funeral for the Wife and Mother.  Because of the conditions and all the rain the graves were unable to be prepared until now.  It is one of those things that boils down to the simplicity of the true Christian message.  It is Jesus and only Jesus.  If you go to a funeral and never hear about Jesus it is unchristian.  If you go to a funeral and only hear about how wonderful the person was that is being buried ask yourself a simple question – if the wages of sin is death and this person was so wonderful how come they are dead?  These two blessed saints were wonderful people but in the end all they had was Jesus and that is enough.

“When the peace of Christ has brought you reinvigoration and His promises  have given you assurance of grace, then it shall also be your lot, at the approach of death, when your eyes can no longer see the things of  this world, then the vision of your soul shall be opened and endowed  with heavenly light to see the great glory, world without end, face to face, — Jesus only. Amen.”

Henric Shartau (1757 – 1825