Romans 5;1

He who is safe in eternity need no longer fear what time brings. He who has the peace that passes all understanding no longer needs to fear the specters of terrible future possibilities conjured up by his mind. He who knows that he is loved no longer kills himself in hating other men. He who serves the Prince of Life is no longer the slave of death. He who hears above him the song of angels, rejoicing because he has found his way home to the Father’s joy, is no longer afraid of the war cries of the nations. He who knows him who overcame the world has escaped the specters He who trusts the hand that rules the “ends of the earth” knows that even his poor, guilty life is being safely led through all the woes of dying, the grave, and the darkness of death to the Last Day and the Father’s throne, where every tear will be dried and there shall be no mourning, no crying, and no more death, but only the song of the redeemed: Enter into the joy of your Lord’
Helmut Thielike