Handwritten sign on farm fence during Texas drought.

The hearings for cabinet and other important posts in the government goes on slowly.  The media is trying to make the nominees look stupid but if you are watching the hearings you get the impression that the committee members especially in the Commerce hearing have no clue what it is they are talking about and don’t really know what it is they are overseeing or what they have done over the years to muck everything up.  They seem stunned that the policies of the Clinton Administration led to the great housing meltdown and the terrible recession and that it was Government regulations that forced banks to evict 80 year old women over 27 cent mistakes.  Heads of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that I talked to years ago could see what the results of Government “help” would be and they were terrified.  Now when someone who actually worked to clean it up might move into government they have to be besmirched and vilified.

One of the saddest attempts to go after someone is the pathetic meandering “news” report that Sonny Perdue who is up for agriculture secretary actually, (gasp), publically prayed for rain.  Prayed and in public.  How pathetic is that?  Had he brought James Taylor out to sing and set the mood it would be considered urbane and smart I suppose.  Foreign policy based on ageing rock stars is cute if a democrat billionaire does it.  Praying in public is stupid to those same folks unless the prayer arises to them.  We need to understand that this is not a private religious issue.  We need to get it in our heads as Christians that for half of the country, politics is their religion.