rachel meyer Rachel Meyer, a missionary serving in Taiwan, will be coming to our Rongo site and assisting the school for two weeks.  She presently serves as a missionary teacher, so she will be bringing her skills to Rongo;  helping in the classrooms, teaching music, as well as assisting the deaconess in Catechesis  Instruction.  I don’t know if she is from Minnesota or not,

While the children at the Project 24 sites were away on holiday during the month of December, this was the opportune time for the site managers to continue with their renovations and sustainability projects.  How did they do?  They all did very well!  We were happy to receive great reports from each site, showing us that the monies received were put to good use.  The reports included:  cows producing milk for the children, chicken houses constructed, new computers purchased for their offices, painting and repairs done on furniture and buildings, new stoves purchased, storage facilities built, clean water made available and planting of new crops.  John Kissinger, our Project 24 director, was also able to visit each site and talk with each site manager.  This was a great opportunity for the site managers to showcase their progress and share their future goals for their site. Also, this month, a Catechetical Club Steering Committee was formed and they had their first meeting.  This committee will now be in charge of organizing the annual ELCK P24 Catechetical Club (formerly known as the Bible Club Competition).  They have come up with new and creative ideas for the next Club meeting which will be held in April. We are also pleased with the continued communication between the ELCK leadership, the site managers, and our East Africa Field Office.  Everyone has appreciated the transparency and honesty conducted by everyone.  This has truly strengthened the relationships within the church and for this we are thankful.