Concordia Publishing House has once again done us all a great service with the publication of Detlev Schulz “Mission from the Cross”. in a lay readers edition.  Great stuff.  Now that Project 24 is back on track we get some of the same old questions as to whether of not our efforts are “worth it”. Here is a quote from the full edition of “.Mission from the Cross”.

“The Church’s mission and that of every Christian is unselfish in nature; it focuses
on the neighbor’s welfare, regardless of his need and situation and without strings
attached. Christians might not always be prepared to assist others unconditionally.
Unfortunately, the Church and Christians often offer their assistance as a form of
“self-help,” to the end that those receiving assistance demonstrate a willingness to
improve their own condition! If they fail to gain control over their own lives, they
do not deserve to be helped any longer. Moreover, preachers often offer Christians
the Gospel as a self-help tool so that if they truly believe and follow its
principles, they will learn to be “rich, healthy, and trouble free.” Those who do
not show such improvement are blamed for their lack of faith. Alternatives to the
unconditional help of one’s neighbor stem from the secular and political sphere and
have little to do with the cross of Christ. Whereas business ventures and other
worldly expectations confidently base their strategies on self-attainable goals and
make prognoses of future success, Christian spirituality cannot entertain such
expectations. It alone can appreciate thankfully the rewards of earthly and
spiritual life as a gift from God.”