Hello everyone and blessings to you all as we enter this very special weekend!

In addition to the newsletters, which were written prior to the announcement of a
world-wide pandemic, I want to give everyone an update on the students during this

The Kenyan government, through the Ministry of Health, has issued similar directives
to their citizens as we have here in the US.  One directive is that all learning
institutions are to be closed, with clear guidelines to be followed.  On March 17th,
the children and students left the Project 24 boarding facilities to be with their
extended families and caretakers.  In order to keep in contact with the students,
Project 24 site managers, ELCK church pastors, chaplains and the LCMS are working
together and visiting each family in their particular area, every few days, or as
often as possible.  This is not only to encourage the extended family and
caretakers, but to understand the need for support.  This past weekend, site
managers crafted plans to use resources for food distribution to the students and
their immediate families.  The teamwork that has been growing at each site between
staff, chaplains, local church pastors/deaconesses, and diocese leadership is being
realized as the church is coming together to provide for these children.  The LCMS
team in Kenya is asking for prayers in this effort for the Lord’s guiding hand and
provision during this time.  I am attaching pictures taken when food
and some necessities have been delivered to families.

Thank you all for your support and continued prayers.  May the Lord lift up your
heart, at Easter and always.

Jennifer Hummel

3 2020 Newsletter_CCC-K