This is a quote from the Project 24 CCCK newsletter for this November.  Remember Project 24 is the funding for structures and CCCK is child sponsorships for the centers.  Just in time for Thanksgiving.

One of the special things about the CCC: K program is that it is connecting people across the world.  People who live in the states are able to sponsor one of the children at our Project 24 boarding facilities.  How do we get sponsors?  It is through people like you who are reading this newsletter and telling the stories of our students here in Kenya.  Let me tell you the story of one donor, Lebanon Lutheran School in Watertown, Wisconsin.  Their pastor, Rev. Douglas Bergelin, has come to Kenya several times, visiting one of our Project 24 sites each time.  It is through his stories that he has shared his love for Project 24 with his congregation and school.  When the children at Lebanon school heard about the Christ’s Care for Children:  Kenya sponsorship program, they decided to use their chapel offerings to sponsor one of our students, Wendy.  The picture shown above shows a few of the students holding a banner during one of their chapel services, celebrating theamount that they were able to raise to keep Wendy in school for another year.  We praise God for moments like this and the partnerships that are created from one continent to the other.  There is nothing better than teaching our future generations how to give to others in need.  Thank you Lebanon Lutheran School for being such a great example!