“In our day of noisy and endless chatter we at times depreciate words. At the moment it is fashionable to exalt nonverbal ways of setting forth the Gospel and to denigrate the use of language as a means of proclamation. But the Scriptures never let us forget that words can be swords. It was a voice, with words of repentance, that prepared the way for the coming of Jesus Christ. It was His own words about the Kingdom that began a movement into which we have been caught up and whose end we know because God’s eternal purpose at work in our midst has been made manifest by the apostolic word”.   Martin Scharlemann

A Bible Club in Mary Okeyo’s home congregation presenting on Malaria – working to raise awareness and teach about prevention.  These Bible clubs memorize Scripture and the catechism.  This is the reason that Project 24 seeks to set up centers around a Word and Sacrament ministry so that the Word may have free course and be preached and heard and repeated and shared.