I planned various activities for the year 2016 according to the needs of the projects’ goals and objectives. These activities and actions included The Catechetical Bible Club Competitions.  (numbering starts at 12 because of some weirdness in my computer.)

  1. The State of P24 Forum
  2. Hosting short term English Language tutors
  3. Organizing the P24 Volunteers who spent time with the children in various sites
  4. Building the P24 team and forming sites Board of managements
  5. Conducting Bishops meetings, sites staff meetings and children conference calls
  6. Initiating Income Generating Activities (Sustainability projects)
  7. Organizing the construction of our New P24 Lenkishon site
  8. Creating the Beyond 24 program
  9. Hosting capacity building meetings
  10. Networking with other service providers
  11. Seeking to improve academic performances through libraries and ICT learning at each site
  12. Improving the communication and documentation systems
  13. Fundraising
  14. Enhancing leadership and management skills
  15. Ensuring proper health care for the children
  16. Creating the CCC:  K program
  17. Establishing young Sunday school teachers from boarding facilities to teach in neighboring churches.


I have developed various tools which help the entire project team to plan, manage and track the project. Some of these tools include; a financial management tool, a reporting system tool, regular monitoring and an audit tool. At the end of the year, we use an evaluation tool to measure the performance and achievement of the set goals and objects.



Ø  Successful partnership between ELCK and LCMS

Ø  Financial management practices (Well Managed Funds Transfer from LCMS to sites)

Ø  Proper documentation

Ø  Leadership, coordination and management

Ø  Ownership of the project

Ø  Trust from donors

Ø  Efficient communication channels in the entire program

Ø  Accountability, efficiency and transparence is of high standards.

Ø  Sustainability: Income Generating Activities initiated per site

Ø  Gospel well planted

Ø  Inclusiveness to all as team players

Ø  CCC:  K initiated and 17 children already have sponsors.

Ø  Two sites adding to the old ones dedicated: Tumaini and Lenkishon

Ø  Contraction to completion of P24 Lenkshon to be dedication of 24th Feb 2017.

Ø  14 Children in Beyond 24 program (Children in high schools) between year 2015 to year 2016.

Ø  Number of children increased from 52 in the year 2015 to 154 in the year 2016.

Ø  Financial Cash Flow Reports submitted on time from all sites.

Ø  Teamwork promoted from the ELCK Head Office to congregations hosting P24 sites.

Ø  The ELCK P24 Catechetical Club Committee is now under the leadership of Rev. Alex

Ø  Successful State of P24 Forum. This is the 3rd since year 2015.

Ø  Bishops met twice this year.

Ø  Leadership and management skills enhanced.

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Ø  Successful site manager’s capacity building

Ø  Provision of sites libraries and computer laps

Ø  Creation of new networking

Ø  Organization structures were put into place



Ø  Cows and mosquito nets (gifts for Othoro and Udom)

Ø  New Beddings (Rongo)

Ø  Water tank (Rongo)

Ø  Sanitary and food (Rongo)


Rongo: Three volunteers from the USA and many from around Kenya.

The P24 Catechetical Club Competition was held at this site on April 2016.

Othoro: Four volunteers from the USA and several Kenyan people

The State of P24 Forum was held at this site.

Udom: Two USA visitors

They also hosted the Catechetical Club Competition with several community and church members from the area.

Tumaini: Four from the USA and one from the East Africa Field Office

What was their reason for visiting and was their visit successful?

The reasons for the volunteers’ visits were to offer their services to children, learn a different culture, support the vulnerable children in English language tutoring, teach catechetical lessons, give health care services and overall, have fun with the children.


  1. Children’s academic performance from sites are below standard.
  2. More strategic planning needs to take place at each site
  3. The mission and vision of the project needs to be well established
  4. The title deeds for the new sites need to be acquired
  5. A need for more staff trainings, capacity building and workshops.
  6. There was a lack of future sustainability plans and strategic planning


Now, the principal risks that can be faced by Project 24 are:

Ø  Lack of strategic planning

Ø  Lack of professionalism

Ø  Lack of sustainability and ownership

Ø  High dependence

Ø  Lack of project structures and policies

Ø  Lack of site manager’s induction programs

Ø  Leadership and administration gap

Ø  Lack of goodwill of domestically generated voluntary income.


I have identified risk management tools to cap up the said project risks.  I have continued to monitor, audit and control the projects to ensure critical risks have been mitigated. Once a year I conduct an evaluation to share the lessons learned from the year. Learned lessons are used to identify the new year’s activities.

Overall, the LCMS and the ELCK are committed to using best practices in their communication with their stakeholders and in their policy statements in the public domain.  These risks will continue to be addressed in the coming year.


As a result of dealing with program challenges and success, I have learned that follow-ups, project goodwill, teamwork, networking, best financial practices, effective communication, reporting systems, planning and management are key components for any project to succeed.

It has demonstrated that the governance faith placed in Project 24 by the stakeholders is well founded. The Kenyan team is controlling the project effectively with a strong hand in order for  the project to move to the next level of excellence.


Ø  Construction of a new P24 site in the Nyamira diocese.

Ø  Capacity building of site managers

Ø  Catechesis training and Bible study per site

Ø  Improve children’s academic standards

Ø  Inauguration and opening of New P24 Lenkishon

Ø  Improve children’s health care

Ø  Catechetical Club in April 2017

Ø  State of Project 24 Forum at P24 Lenkishon

Ø  Invite volunteers to serve at P24 sites

Ø  Sponsorship program to continue(CCC:  K)

Ø  Annual report (2016)

Ø  Regular holding management meeting