We started this blog to talk about mercy work going on up here in the North country especially as we partnered in Project 24.  As time has
gone on I have noticed that the quality of mercy is getting to be confused and even corrupted as the word itself gets corrupted.  It is of course frustrating.  Mercy is compassion and of course Jesus is compassion.  Mercy is acting out of a pain in the gut that takes place when a person who is compassionate sees a need. Jesus famously had mercy on folks when He saw that they were like sheep without a shepherd and He is of course the “Good Shepherd”. It is not mercy when there is s political estimation and calculation that takes place before the feeling is acted upon.  It is for this reason that I sometimes get people upset with me when I get “political”. So if you are of that ilk prepare to get upset.

Let’s follow the logic, if it can be called that, of the plight of the children in the centers at the border who are overwhelming the system that is meant to be merciful.  They shouldn’t be there and would not be there is it were not for stupid political decisions made for stupid political reasons but they are pawns of traffickers and mules and others.  Now they have no beds or toothpaste or soap so they are being moved to places where supposedly they can have those things.  A contract was made with a company called “Wayfair” to supply the needed beds but the compassionate workers at that company refuse to make the beds and have walked out.  So much for mercy and compassion. Making a point about how unmerciful one group is by refusing mercy to the troubled and helpless is a political act that the left is perfectly capable of achieving and then blaming others for what they’ve done.  Remember that the ends justify the means is a political statement made famous by one type of political faction.  When mercy gets politicized the quality is rotten.