It is hard to get a picture of a quilt at 6;30 in the morning while your trying to have coffee.  This is the best I can do.  It is also hard to spell ‘quilt’.  I kept writing ‘guilt’ and that didn’t look right but ‘quilt’ doesn’t look right either.

Anyway a dear friend of mine built two of these.  One in in green and one is in a more brownish tan.  The back is zebras on the green one and giraffes on the brown one.  These are really neat.  Carol Kosel made them.  She lives in Ellendale and the congregation and members there have been very supportive of Project 24.  Carol wants me to use them as fund raisers for Project 24 or for the Mary Okeyo Student Travel Scholarship Fund.  She says to auction them off or find some other way to raise funds with them.  Suggestions –