There was a lot of stuff going on yesterday and of course a lot of stuff that goes under reported or non-reported.  You may not have heard of a simple Bill brought to the Senate that would protect the life of a baby that survived abortion and would give the now born child the rights of protection under the Law.  We are not talking fetus.  We are talking about a child that has been born.  That is an infant and the bill was meant to protect against infanticide,

You have read or heart the terms – regicide = murder of a King.  Matricide =murder of your mom.  Fratricide = murder of your brother and  this one is sad because we often use it in discussions “friendly fire” in military operations.  It should not be used that way because “cide” means kill with intent.  Genocide = killing of a race of people.  Patricide = murder of your dad.  Infanticide = murder of a child.

One would think that this would be a no brainer.  The child survived an attempted murder already and now it is born alive and there it is – it is a baby.  But how did our senators up here is the North Country react? – I heard that Kevin Cramer had not voted and I was furious until I found our his flight was delayed and he could make the vote but he would have voted yes.  Our other senator Hoeven voted for the Bill.  Amy Klobuchar voted no and said something inane about women’s health when the Bill is about the Health of a baby born alive.  Tina Smith spoke on the Senate Floor in opposition to legislation preventing infanticide saying that providing medical care for babies would be “inappropriate medical treatment”

The insanity continues and the dialectic is moving the way many folks who believe in the dialectic say it has to move to “progress” – it has to move through “perversion or hysteria”.  Both are on display right now.

Up here is the North Country we might want to ask our Senators what “cide” they support and why?