I don’t know why I do it but I still think that it may be possible to get up and have a cup of coffee and get some news without being insulted or having my intelligence abused or just getting frustrated.

Question:  I am sure that Republicans would have loved to have won the race in Virginia although the guy running, Gillespie, seemed to wonder why he was even in the race.  Virginia was won by Hillary.  Virginia has never been Trump country and never will be some pundit said and then proceeded to report the loss as a loss for Trump.  The reaction to Gillespie losing the race in a State that Hillary won and then acting like it is a referendum on Trump is fascinating.  Presidential coattails only go so far but lousy candidates trip on their own.  The press still cannot identify bad candidates.

I found it touching to watch the images of little Chinese girls dancing and singing and waving the American flag.  Having some sour puss on the news comment that it was a “staged event” while forgetting that NFL games and the protests that take place there are also “staged events”.

There is a certain caucus in Congress that is bent on impeaching the President before Christmas.  Their reason is the usual laundry list of “isms”, many of which they could not define or explain.  A commentator, Mark Stein, brought a bit of light into the morning gloom today by actually making me laugh out loud.

I had forgotten all about Advent calendars.   If you don’t remember them they were a wonderful way to countdown to Christmas.  The calendar was  a picture and everyday was a panel that could be opened and there was a picture inside.  The panel on December 25 was the child Jesus in the manger.  Other panels could be Bible verses or whatever.  I thought people had forgotten those calendars.  Mark Stein said that he can imagine an impeachment calendar an each panel would be one of the “isms”  December 1, ethnocentrism.  2.  sexism, 3. homophobism, 4. racism  – you get the point.   Not so funny really but nice to know that someone remembered those calendars.

Has anyone heard anything more about the Las Vegas shooter?  Fascinating the silence.  One thing we do know was the FBI said the guy had no connections to ISIS within three hours of the shootings.  Strange.  It has been over a year and the FBI still cannot tell us about Russian collusion.

We are told that for the average US taxpayer to get a whopping $1200 dollar reduction in their taxes the congress has to find a way to “pay for it”.  The implication is that the government cannot afford to cut anything.  At the same time we are told that there are 17 intelligence agencies in the US Government and none of them after a year can tell us if there was Russian Collusion, what was in Hillary’s emails, what really happened in Benghazi, or what happened on the tarmac between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch.

We were told after the last Presidential election that data was dead and polls were meaningless.  Why are we still hearing about them?

I spend a lot of time worrying about missionaries.  There are things that happen in the interior politics and natural order in other countries that effect our missionaries safety and health.  It would be nice to get some news about other countries.  My Kenyan friends are much more aware of what goes on around the world than we are here.  They are voracious readers of newspapers.  They don’t get their info from Facebook or twitter but from actual newspapers who have real reporters not commentators disguised as newsmen.  I am doing a countdown to see how long it will take to be informed here that the Black Death is back in Africa and it is airborne.  We may not hear about it for a long time until someone figures out a way to blame it on Trump.