Love this portrait of Joseph and Jesus by Reni.

We probably don’t think about Joseph enough.  Luther pays him some attention in his discussion about his obedience and kindness, and some remarks about divorce.  Today we commemorate Joseph. Here are some Luther comments about the time Jesus stayed behind at the temple while everyone else went home.  What was going through the minds of Mary and Joseph – if you ever went on vacation and left one the kids at a service station bathroom and drove away, you can relate.

“There was no sleeping, no eating, no resting, only tears. We assume that they ran back that same night several miles, but the child was gone. Just imagine what their hearts were telling them. The first day the child was lost and they were unaware of it; the second day they looked and failed to find the child; finally, on the third day they found him. Many thoughts went through their minds those three nights when they were unable to sleep….Joseph…could well have thought, God no longer wants you as a foster parent since you have been negligent in the care of this child who is God’s Son and was entrusted to your care by God.”