The permanently disgruntled woke up to a nightmare yesterday and are now bemoaning the fact that we have a new President that they did not anoint.  There is a lot of questioning and the beginning of a historical autopsy over what happened and what it all meant.  Well how is this for a tidbit.  There were 20642 regulations put in place over the last 8 years which suck 100 billion dollars out the economy.  These regulations cover everything from toilet paper to draining standing water from your backyard; from how to move the dirt from an excavation of a dike that was touched with flood water to light bulbs.  These did not go through a legislative process but happened by bureaucratic fiat.

Winston Churchill said,

“If you have ten thousand regulations you destroy all respect for the law”.

You might destroy all respect for the sitting government too.

Lutherans are sometimes berated for a blind acceptance of authority.  That is not true.  We do believe that government is a gift of God and one of the orders of creation.  All authority comes from God.  Authority that believes it can interfere in how you mow your grass or how much water is in your toilet may still be from God but it is nevertheless frivolous.