I have remarked before about my trip to Taiwan and the interesting juxtaposition between this wisdom of the east and this sense of whimsy side-by-side. To see elderly gentleman wearing hello  kitty apparel and to see ware house sized stores filled with arcade game that are being played by middle-aged adults. Is an interesting situation. I also mentioned all the times gazing into the temple grounds and never seeing a human being while way off in the distance seeing these little figurines and statues of monks and then seeing the close-up pictures of them I find a little eerie.
The are different sizes and are in and striking poses. As you can see the typical hear no evil, see no evil, speak no speak there.  There are also poses in  tai chi exercise stances as well as kung fu poses that some surmise have a connection to the famous Tso Lin monastery in China.

I thought that these statues were like headstones or remembrances of certain monks but was told they are just sort of a whimsy.