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Some of you have wondered about the lack of blogs for a few days.  I have not been feeling well for a while.  Actually since before Thanksgiving and at this time of the year that is not a good thing.  I have one of those head cold and ear situations that seem to go on forever.  So I am sorry – will try and do better.

In the meantime we have a mission team and the Director of LCMS church relations in the Czech Republic visiting with our partners there and I received an email from Dr. Collver telling me that he was in the land of the “Good King” and remembered that I had written a Christmas Program for a congregation with older children or a parochial school about Good King Wenceslas.  I had forgotten and I went back and read it again.  (You can find it on the LCMS Website and use it if you want.  It is not a simple program.  It really is designed for older children and adults but there is a lot of information in there that I had forgotten about.  There are a few typos and mistakes that I would like to forget about as well.  Anyway you can get it as a down load on the LCMS Website.

The point of the play is that a parishioner is complaining at program practice that there is no mention of Christ in the song “Good King Wenceslas” and it seems to be pretty “work righteous”.  Stephen Starke who has by my count 32 hymns in the Lutheran Service Book wrote additional verses that are the point of the story.  Christmas and the days after in the Church Calendar are all about mercy.

Anyway I am gratified that many of you have missed the blogs that I didn’t write.  Second I am gratified that Dr. Collver remembered that I had written the play.  I will write more about this if I can see straight.