Malachi 3;3 – “He sits as a refiner and purifier of silver.”

Silver and gold, as found in their native state, are, as a rule, not pure and free
from imperfections, but are mixed with impurities, from which the silver and gold
must be separated in order to be of any value to its owner. The rock in which the
silver is enclosed must first be broken into small pieces and then put through the
refining process. There sits the refiner before his crucible. Having kindled his
fire, he fills the silver-bearing rock into the crucible. See him stirring up the
fire, adding a fresh supply of fuel to the already fiercely burning fire in order to
keep the heat at a maximum degree. So he continues his refining process until the
silver becomes so clean that his face is clearly reflected in it. Not until then is
his work TInished, not until then i8 that silver as pure as it ought to be. And as
he looks again, he rejoices. No longer is his face a mere shadow ·on the cloudy
metal. Gradually and with ever-increasing distinctness his features begin to show,
until in sharp outline his face is mirrored in the pure silver, until he sees in it
his own image looking back at him.

What a beautiful picture of Christ.
So the divine Refiner sits and purifies His people. While in this life, Christians
never attain perfection; yet He rejoices as gradually sins are overcome, evil habits
are put off, His image becomes clearer and more defined. So He keeps on refining,
purifying, sanctifying His own, until their eyelids close in death. Then His work of
sanctifying is finished. Issuing from the grave at His divine command, all dross,
all imperfections, are gone forever.  Theodore Laetsch