A wonderful resource in times of trial and murkiness for me at least has been, wait for it; the Large and Small Catechisms of Luther.  Luther understands that when threats are perceived and confronted the church often comes up with plans and procedures and all of these are of course necessary and prudent but sometimes the essential thing is missing and that is prayer.  Luther was adamant that prayer was not something that we piously add on to planning and reacting to outside forces through human enterprise.  It was an absolutely essential first step and a continual action based on promises made by God in Christ. Luther wrote that prayer of supplication was nothing  more  than  to  say:  “  Dear  Father,  we  ask  you  first  to  give us  your  Word,  so  that  the  gospel  may  be  properly  preached  throughout the  world  and  then that  it  may  also  be  received  in  faith  and  may  work  and dwell  in  us,  so
that  your  kingdom  may  pervade  among  us  through  the Word  and  the  power
of  the  Holy  Spirit  and  the  devil’s  kingdom  may  be destroyed  so  that  he
may  have  no  right  or  power  over  us  until  finally  his kingdom  is  utterly
eradicated  and  sin,  death,  and  hell  wiped  out,  that  we may  live  forever
in  perfect  righteousness  and  blessedness  (LC  III,  54).