Mark Hatloy – Drayton ND, Roger Weinlaeder – Drayton ND Bob Wurl -Hankinson ND, Pastor Mably – Minn North  — Elk river Minn, Donna Blake – DogPatch  Arkansas, Pastor Reimche – Bottineau, ND will be traveling to Kenya to visit the Lenkishon  site, the joint Minnesota North and North Dakota District project.  They will be there to see the grand opening of the site, see a catechism club competition and to sit on a forum of partners that exist because of Project 24.  That will be a visit of stakeholders, managers, missionaries and supporters.  The group will leave on the 20th of February and will return March 5th.

In the meantime all of our friends out there who supported before we are asking for your support again.  Please give to Project 24 online at

They will leave on the 20th of Feb and return about the 5th of March so we pray for safe travels and a blessed trip and visit with our brothers and sisters in Christ.  Here is their itinerary so you can pray everyday they are there.

Tuesday, Feb. 21st – arrive in Nairobi, stay the night in Nairobi
Wednesday, Feb. 22nd – visit the ELCK head office in the morning visit the LCMS East Africa Field Office (take lunch at
the office) travel to Lenkishon in the afternoon.
Thursday Feb. 23rd – State of Project 24 Forum hosted at Lenkishon
Friday, Feb. 24th – Dedication and Special ceremony – Lenkishon
Saturday, Feb. 25th – travel from Lenkishon to Kapenguria.
Sunday, Feb. 26th – worship at Udom, visit Udom P24 site.
Monday, Feb. 27th – visit school for Udom children, travel to Kisumu.
Tuesday, Feb. 28th – visit Tumaini P24 site as well as the school where the girls attend.
Wednesday, March 1st – travel to and visit Othoro P24 site as well as the school where the boys attend, then continue to Kisii.
Thursday, March 2nd – visit Rongo P24 site as well as the school the children attend.
Friday, March 3rd – travel from Kisii to Maasai Mara.
Saturday, March 4th – all day in Maasai Mara.
Sunday, March 5th – return to Nairobi, leave to go back to the states that evening