I was recently given a gift.  I don’t get too many of those anymore.  Most people think that I am too old to get gifts but I love them.  I love Christmas presents and gadgets and free stuff at the local store or bank.  There is something about the giving and receiving of gifts that is fundamental because as Chesterton said “the test of all happiness is gratitude”.  When I get a gift I am happy and grateful for the reception and when I give one I am grateful to be able to do the giving.

I recently received a gift from Concordia Publishing House and Dr. Bruce Kintz of the new Concordia Psalter.  I received a gift of a book that is about gifts, and ultimately about the greatest gift of all – Jesus.  Luther says that in the phrase “his love endures forever”, Christ the great gift is hidden.  The Psalms are a thesaurus of gifts.

This is a book I would recommend to everyone especially if you want to give a gift.  The Psalms are all set to be sung with the notation available.  They are listed to be read devotionally in thirty days if you so desire.  Also there is a short prayer by Rev. F. Kuegele after each one.

Thank you CPH.  Please check out