It has been noted by some that for at least six years the framers of the Constitution have been denigrated, laughed at and impugned for a lot of reasons.  They were slave holders.  They were white guys.  They were anti-women.  They only cared about the landed class.  They were rich.  They only wanted a Declaration of Independence because they didn’t want to pay taxes.  On and on it went.  About the Bill of Rights some wags have joked about the left’s reading of the Constitution with the observation that, if they read the Second Amendment the way they read the others, every person in the United States would be required to carry a gun.  The folks running around Iowa trying to get votes from those smelly Walmart people have already proclaimed that if they had their druthers Iowa would have no influence at all in the election which would be the result of their wish to do away with the electoral college.  Remember the lament that so and so won the “popular vote” but lost the election because of the electoral college.  The practical result of losing that college is that all elections can just as well we turned over to three counties in California.  Let them decide because that is the margin of victory in the last few elections.  I am sure the elites would love that but the Cletis’s in belt buckles from Iowa and North Dakota might be unhappy.  That leads to the unhealthy discussion that the left hates the deplorables in flyover country because we cling to our Bibles and guns and will punish us because we voted for Trump.  In fact there are elements in the commentary chattering class that believe the entire agenda over the last few years with the impeachment talk, is to convince us poor provincials to never get uppity again and vote for someone who actually keeps promises made during campaigns.

It was also evident over the last few years that many of the younger members of the Congress could not name a framer or signer of the Declaration, had no idea about the Federalist papers and in fact someone got the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution confused.  I remember one person in the House being unaware that the Constitution was not ratified until 11 years had gone by from the Declaration’s signing.  She knew nothing about the Articles of Confederation, the Federalist papers, or much about anything at all.  I expected her to break into the old Sam Cooke song “What a Wonderful World”, that starts with the phrase “don’t know much about history”, and the Art Garfunkel rendition includes the phrase “don’t know nothin about  nothin at all”.

So yesterday in the House we had the wonderful history lesson given to the folks that make fun of the old white slave owning guys and everyone praised them and held them in honor.  They even brought up George Mason and hailed him and quoted him and my impression was that most of them probably thought he was some guy named after a University.  George Mason is a fascinating character that should be studying, memorialized, and deeply respected.  He is one of the framers that voted against the Constitution and the reason is interesting to say the least. He should not be remembered however for leading to what happened the day after the great law lesson.  The rush to impeach is on, even though Congress was in recess for a full two months during this “emergency”.  Now in the Christmas season we get the big bum’s rush and a Merry Christmas blessing from folks who want to do away with Christmas anyway.  So we get more lunacy and the folks that have made Johnathan Turley’s dog mad don’t care. If you don’t get that reference, Johnathan Turly was one of the “scholars” who basically said that this entire impeachment effort has just made everyone mad including his dog.  Going ahead with Articles of Impeachment may still not result in that act, impeachment, but as Turly says in his blog – res ipsa loquitur.