We’ve talked before about First Lutheran in Grand Rapids Minnesota and the different ways the church is intentionally reaching out with community involvement and acts of mercy.

Here is another of the ways that we connect.    This from First………..

In response to our Synodical theme of “Witness, Mercy, Life Together” members of First Lutheran Church in Grand Rapids are supporting a breast cancer fundraising effort. Pastor Greg DeMuth will be peddling his bicycle 110 miles on Saturday, September 10 in support of the Young Survivors Coalition in Duluth Minnesota. The Tour de Pink is part of a national fundraising effort held in several cities across the United States. www.ysctourdepink.org The purpose for our involvement is to challenge the unfortunate stigma that Christians are not concerned about suffering in the world. Acts of Mercy are valid in their own right as we become the hands and feet of Christ moving among the poor in spirit. The double blessing comes when acts of mercy opens doors for witnessing to the true healing work of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our Congregational leadership has determined that acts of service to the community are an important component in our outreach to the community. These acts are not the entirety of the Gospel, but a means through which we gain access to people’s lives to invite them to come and hear. What better place to begin a conversation of faith than the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ that sends us into the world as agents of mercy!