One of the things about identity politics is that it, like most things on the left, corrupts everything it touches.  The mess in Virginia where no ones knows if they should condemn someone or defend someone because of the politics involved is hilarious if it were not so serious.  So a black Lieutenant Governor accused of assaulting women must be defended against the black women who a few months ago we were told “had to be believed”.  When two favored and protected classes clash, who is going to be favored?  It makes for some interesting mental gymnastics.

So I heard this from some leftist politician and when I heard it I almost ran off the road.  A questions was asked about the Jussie Smollett case and the fact that a hate crime had allegedly been faked.  The politicians reaction was that if it was proven that Jussie faked a racial attack they would be “terribly disappointed”.  So let us ask the question all good Lutherans must ask – what does this mean?  Turn the sentence around.  “I would be happy if the story of two white men attacking and attempting to lynch a gay black man were true.”  It doesn’t get much sicker than that but that is where we are.

After that remark I heard someone talk about that as being “truant thinking”.  I have never heard that expression before and I have always acquainted “truancy” with skipping school.  So since words mean things check this out.  Truant comes from an old English word, Middle English (denoting a person begging through choice rather than necessity): from Old French, probably ultimately of Celtic origin; meaning ‘wretched’.  Wretched it is and wretched it will always be.