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So, “confessing” does not mean that we are like oaks, weathering the storm by our
own power. To be a confessor means to bear witness to the power of the living God
and to start from the fact (note this, from the fact) that this power of God is a
force that sovereignly embraces the good and the evil, the faithful and the mockers,
and that nothing is beyond its dominion. But when I do this, when I venture to do
this, a miracle happens; for then what happens is nothing less than my proceeding to
make room for heaven, to break a path for the reign of God in our lives. And just by
doing this, my confession gains the power to detonate a greater power; what happens
is simply that now I let God act and rule, while I am content to be only his
instrument. And when that happens, or better, when I let this happen, then I am
acting in good earnest with the faith that “our commonwealth is in heaven” and that
here we are acting in the name of one whose name is above every name.