sometimes God lets the sstorm rage
“I fear that were you to cease your concern, the earth might finally swallow us up and destroy everything. Are you also studying the Catechism and the Creed? Pray and let God worry. For you and I are not commanded to worry for me or you. It says: ‘Cast your anxiety upon Him, for He cares for you’, Ps. 55 and many other texts.”  Luther wrote this on the 10th of February 1546 to his wife.  Eight days later he was dead.
Worry is a common malady.  I have been involved with Pastors that suffer from anxiety attacks.  I sympathize.  But worry is a sad commentary when found in a Christian.  Pray and let God worry.  Cast all your anxieties upon Him, for he cares for you is from 1 Peter 5:7.  In a sermon on that text Luther even talked about the worries that come on the sick bed or the death bed and he writes,
“The Christian must take this course if he would proceed safely and happily in  matters of the highest import. In time of danger and in the hour of death, when, with all his worrying, he cannot discover where he is or how he is journeying,  he must, with eyes, senses and thoughts closed to the world, surrender himself  in faith and confidence and cast himself upon God’s hand and care and  protection, and say: God has permitted me to live until this hour, without my  solicitude. Moreover, he has given me his beloved Son as a treasure and sure pledge of eternal life. Therefore, my dear soul, journey on in joy. Thou hast a faithful Father and Savior, who has taken thee into his own hand, and will preserve thee.”