photo (34)This sign got me to thinking, which is sometimes a dangerous thing.  Thinking is hard work.  Thinking makes us ask questions and look for responses that are reasonable.  Sometimes thinking makes us seem unreasonable.  It makes us ask what some call unreasonable questions.

Why this sign in this place?  The road did not seem anymore dangerous or difficult at this spot.  There was no more of a visibility issue at this spot than anywhere else as far as I could tell.  Why not 10 MPH?  12?  15?  What capricious will set this arbitrary limit?

There is a lot of unreasonableness out there.  The answers to my question seem to be in a philosophical sense, unanswerable.  Someone set this speed limit, at this place, at this speed because they could.  It is like the answer that my parents gave when I asked the reason for some rule that they had laid down.  Why? was always answered with, “because I said so”.

One of the universal issues that arise in questions of faith is the whys that we ask God.  Why did you do this, allow that, permit this. prohibit that?  The questions come back to the sinful mind as my parents answer, “because I wanted to”.   “Do what I say because I said so”.  It is not until the miracle of faith occurs that we can say with Peter, “because you say so”, and do it.

From Luke 5 -Simon answered, “Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything. But because you say so, I will let down the nets.”