photo (35)I had the opportunity and the great pleasure to speak at the Minnesota North LLL convention held at St. John’s Lutheran Church outside of Perham and to preach at the mission fest at Trinity at New York Mills.  It was a great week end and a fun time but as I was reconnoitering the area to make sure that I could be where I was supposed to be on time I saw this sign on Highway 10 and almost drove off the road.

I am sure that Sanford Health doesn’t went people driving off the road because of their bill boards but I had to turn around and go back and check this out.  I knew this person and still see her occasionally like at Christmas.  But a bill board is a whole different thing.

Selfies are a way that we try and get noticed.  The selfie craze has reached strange proportions but here is something different.  An advertisement for a major company using the image of one of their employees.  You might be able to see the name of this person on the picture but she hasn’t given me permission to use her name so….. If you know who she is hash tag her or tag her or whatever it is that you do these days.  I think this is pretty neat.