I have been talking a lot about time and timing and God’s time lately.  I have also been ruminating over my general dislike of the hymn ” I’m But A Stranger Here”.  Then I saw  a blurb from Synod President Matt Harrison and a quote from Herman Sasse.

“Faith knows that God’s clocks keep different time from man’s clocks, but they always keep right time! Only the believer in Jesus Christ is able to live under this tension, which would break the heart of the nonbeliever. The ability to do this belongs only to the “aliens and exiles” (1 Peter 2:11), to the “foreigners and strangers” (Hebrews 11:13), to the Christian as homo viator [traveling man], to the people of God as the ecclesia migrans. Buried with Christ by baptism into death and born again to a new life, yet at the same time still waiting for the redemption of the body; directed to the daily forgiveness of sins, yet at the same time actually living by forgiveness; sinners, yet at the same time righteous, such is the existence of the Christian. And only in the light of this existence can the meaning of “in the world” and “not of the world” be comprehended.”

Lot to think of here.  Will do it tomorrow too tired  right now.  Check back