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Iconic might be one of those words we want to retire for a while.  If I heard it once yesterday I heard it a thousand times.  The Cathedral of Notre Dame was iconic and that cannot be denied.  It danced in the imagination when...

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He Sees!

One of the names for God in the Old Testament is the “God Who Speaks and Things Happen”.  Another name for God in the Old Testament is the God who sees.  Sunday’s Gospel lesson in Jesus walking on the water to...

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Mercy and Our Baptism

I saw this banner at the convention and found kind of intriguing. God’s children by Baptism into the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, means we receive entrance into all that the Triune God offers as gifts because we are now...

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Happy 4th

My wife made this Patriotic Display for the coffee table. I always enjoyed the 4th of July. It makes me think about the whole idea of freedom, citizenship, and the Lutheran understanding of obedience to government. Thinking is...

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Luther on the Gospel

For at its briefest, the Gospel is a discourse about Christ, that he is the Son of God and became man for us, that he died and was raised, that he has been established as a Lord over all things. This much St. Paul takes in hand...

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We all share the same tree

Eunita describes how members of her congregation in Kenya have given small gifts in order to build a new church. It is taking a long time because the families don’t have much. The bricks are made of compacted soil. They...

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