We have been overseas so much we need to get back for a moment and remember Mary Ann -she has been the subject of several blogs and articles and the work she is tryin g to do on the Standing Rock Reservation has caught some of our attention.  Mercy work has no boundaries so.  Lately we have heard that Mr’s Eppen, Pastor Eppen’s wife from Lamore ND and the quilters of that congregation took 70 quilts and gave them for the needs at “Pretty Bird”.  That is a great illustration of the partnerships and connections we are trying to cultivate and document on this site.  I asked her for a year end review and here it is in her words – unedited and right from the source.

Contributions to Shepherd’s Hands-2011  Personal Contributions

Kathy, ND-multiple bags of yarn for hats and mittens

 Lorraine and mother Viola, Mn-Boxes of  yarn for hats and mittens.  Crochet hooks to assist in teaching women at the Ruth Meiers Women and Children’s Homeless Shelter inBismarck, to crochet.  Christmas yardage for placemats for the women at Bridges inMobridge,SD. Lorraineis a constant prayer partner.

 Laura, ND-Constant prayer partner and “out of the box thinker”.   Laura purchased many items for the shelters the last two years.  She contacted J & R Sewing and Vacuum and was given two reconditioned sewing machines.

 Lois,Neb.-A large quantity of individual boxes of 24 crayons for school and for our Christmas bags.  Lois also gave many pairs of gloves and monetary gifts throughout the year. 

Kay, Kansas-Kay knit many beautiful hats and mittens.  Kay deals with health issues and still gives to this mission.  I’ve never met this wonderful lady but I thank her for her prayers and the items she has sent.

 Jay andRosemary,Neb.-Gave a monetary Christmas gift for the mission and also remember the “work to be done” in their prayers.

 Karl andAmy,Ohio-We are thankful for the monetary gift they gave to this mission for Christmas.

 Les andBarbara,Tenn.Gave a monetary gift to Holy Cross LWML for the mission of Shepherd’s Hands on the Prairie.

 Jim, Laura, Karl, Francie, Sally and Tyler-As a family they have supported this mission with their prayers and have provided food for Bridges, in Mobridge, SD, Pretty Bird, in McLaughlin, SD, the McLaughlin Food Pantry and Veteran’s Industries in McLaughlin.  They have given school supplies to the AARC Outreach inFt.Yates.  They have given many hours to guarantee that those in shelters  were not forgotten at Christmas.  They’ve been involved for the past two years.

Marybeth, Mn-has donated hats and mittens for the shelters.  She also mentioned our needs to the Aastad Lutheran Auxiliary Quilting Group.

Pastor Arie Bertsch,ND-Pastor Bertsch remembered from a conversation we had in Feb. 2011 about the need for toys at Christmas at Bridges and Pretty Bird.  He, with the help of a local campaign, donated half a van of toys.  He also met us half-way in the delivery of the toys.

 Norma,ND-Norma has provided calendars for each of the Christmas Bags we make for the women at the shelters.  She has done this for the past two years.  She also has donated good used toys.

 Aletha,ND-Donated stuffed animals with a sewn blanket for each animal for the children at the shelter in McLaughlin andFt.Yates.

 Tyler, Anita, Carissa and Kaylie, ND-donated good used girl’s clothes along with books, school supplies and toys.  Carissa made stress balls for each of the women at the shelters in Mobridge and McLaughlin this Christmas.

 Leo andMyra,ND-Collected good used adult clothing for Pretty Bird and the AARC Outreach inFt.Yates.  They also contributed many good household items for Pretty Bird.

 Jonathan,ND-Jonathan has worked atSittingBullCollegeinFt.Yatesfor nine years.  Because of this, we have been granted access in areas we might never have been able to be involved in.  He also delivers most of the donated items to Mobridge, McLaughlin andFt.Yates.

Mary Ann, ND-Crocheted hats and mittens

 Pastor Seter,ND-Truly the wind beneath our wings.  He has given Pastoral advice and prayers for the work to be done.

 Group Contributions

 Holy CrossLWML,ND-This LWML made hygiene kits for both Bridges inMobridge,SDand Pretty Bird inMcLaughlin,SD.  Flip Flops were also collected for the Rape Bags.  Bridges requested Tylenol. Alieve and Advil for pain relief for the victims of violence.  Those items were also donated along with good used clothes, household items and toys. A Christmas monetary gift was also included.

 LWML Quilters,BethelLutheran, ND-These women have donated many beautiful adult and baby quilts for Bridges, Pretty Bird and the Ft. Yates Outreach.  Others in the group have given good used bedding, sheets, pillows etc., and women’s clothing.

Beautiful SaviorLWML,ND-The women sewed and donated many beautiful sun dresses to Bridges, Pretty Bird andFt.Yates Outreach.

 Aastad Auxiliary Quilting Group from rural Mn. Has twice given us many beautiful quilts which were shared with Pretty Bird andFt.Yates Outreach.  We also thank them for their prayers for the mission.

 Lutheran Indian Ministries,Wisc.-They have given us many Lenten and Advent Devotionals to distribute to the shelters, Food Pantry and at Veteran’s Industries.  An Assembly of God Pastor in Ft.Yatesis using the 2011 Advent Devotions for Bible Study.  They have also blessed us with many copies of  The Jesus Way, New Testament.

 LCMS World Relief and Human Care-Pastor Seter spread the word about what was happening on the Sioux Reservation in ND and SD and Georgia Endicot has been of so much assistance to us.  For the past two years they have provided us with many, many items, especially at Christmas, for the shelters.  This has included Prayer Shawls from sister LWMLers, books, toys, hygiene items etc.  We are so thankful for their continued support.

 J and R Sewing and Vacuum, ND-donated two sewing machines that can be used for the shelters in ND and SD.

 Lutheran Association of Missionaries and Pilots, Canada-made us aware of material available for First Nation VBS.  They have always been willing to answer all our questions  and have given us valuable insight for this mission.

 All the above are acts of Mercy.  Yet, through them, we were able to introduce theWord of God, both spoken and written.  To God be all the glory!

 Getting the Word Out

 Bridges.Mobridge, SD-Four New Testaments were accepted at Bridges in Mobridge.  Arch Christmas books have been given to the youth at Christmas. Arch Easter books were given to the youth at Easter.  Advent and Lenten devotions were given to the women.

 Pretty Bird, McLaughlin,SD- Arch Christmas books given to the youth at Christmas and Arch Easter books at Easter.  The women were given Advent and Easter devotions.

 McLaughlin, SD, Food Pantry-The Director accepted 25 New Testaments.  He also accepted 25 Advent and Lenten devotionals.  Orphan Grain Train has been helpful here.

 Veteran’s Industries, McLaughlin, SD-The Director has accepted 13 New Testaments along with Advent and Lenten devotions.

 Abused Adult Resource Center Outreach at Ft. Yates, ND-The Outreach Center has been approached with these items but since it is set up differently we haven’t found a good match.

 Pastor Phil, Assembly of God, Selfridge and Ft. Yates, ND-is using the LTM Advent and Lenten devotions for his Bible Studies.

 Please pray that we seize every opportunity given and joyfully walk through every door God opens.