We are going to try and give an update on all the centers that are up and running, up and not running, planned and projected.  I know that this is an issue for many of you and we are trying to keep up to date with those who have given of their time and treasure so I will try and do that in the next few days.  I do not have a complete list of those who have given and I don’t know exactly who has given to special projects and are interested in what is happening in a specific rescue center.

Stephanie Erlandson and Annie Pitschka at Rongo
Stephanie Erlandson and Annie Pitschka were teaching these young ones some song and everyone seemed to be having a blast.  I’m not sure about the little guy in the front (third from the left).  Anyway Rongo is one of the amazing stories.  It is a true partnership between Project 24, 1001 Orphans, the ELCK and the local church and school.  The ELCK identified the children, the school brought in the children, we supplied them with a place to stay, 1001 orphans works on their support and the community church also kicks in and helps with food and services.
Here are the issues – the school is a church school and therefore has no govenment support with books and materials.  The school is falling apart and the classrooms look like they may crumble so some classes are taking place in the Project 24 dorm.  Not an issue as far as I am concerned, but the principal and the Pastor were very apologetic.  They felt like they were cheating us by using the dormitory for classes.
There are literally no textbooks for any of the grades and I believe they correspond to our Kindergarten through what I think was about 9th.  If any of you teachers, Principals, or educators out there could send books, or the money for them to purchase books it would be a marvelous thing. 
When I was there last David Chu Chu had told them that if they showed they could care for it they would get a “Cows for Kenya” cow.  In the 10 months since I have been there a beautiful barn and pasture area has been developed and the cow looks exceedingly content.  As I said this is a perfecet idea of what we are trying to accomplish – a partnership of Project 24, 1001 Orphans, ELCK, DCM Kenya and the local congregation and school.  Now if we can just get them something to teach with………………

Minnesota State Representative Kurt Daubt at Rongo - note the rescue center in the front and the school way to the back right.

A very content and very pregnant cow at Rongo.