The brouhaha over the French laundry visited by governor Newsom in California exhibits an awful lot of interesting conversation starters. We are told to follow the science, and we are told all kinds of harrowing stories of what happens when people don’t mask up and social distance especially at restaurants. Governor Newsom did none of those things even though he was forcing most of the people in his state to do what he was unwilling to do. We are told to follow the science and some say we should follow logic as well.
Logically speaking what do actions like governor Newsom’s at the French laundry, Nancy Pelosi  at the hair salon, and other governors and state officials around the country tell us?
Someone said either Gavin Newsom is a psychopathic murderous killer who doesn’t care if he injures or poisons those around him. The same would apply to the people attending the dinner party, two of which were state health officials. If you think that’s too harsh just listen to the rhetoric we’ve been exposed to for six months.

The other logical option is that governor Newsom knows that his mandates and exclusions are a bunch of bogus nonsense but he has no other clue as to what to do.

Studies have been done that show that lock down places have no difference in Covid spread than those that are wide open but for some reason some areas feel the need not to control the virus, but people.

We keep getting told to follow the science and yet more and more the scientists seem to understand this virus less and less.