I wrote the “Open Prairie Grave” song many years ago when we had a winter burial.   It was so cold that  the flowers that were thrown on the casket froze and shattered like glass.  It was a uniquely memorable event.  I watched a physics experiment take place in real life.

When the “Open Prairie Grave” song hit face book I received a note from Pastor Jon Ellingworth from New York that his Father was buried in a grave like the one I pictured in the blog.  I asked him where that was and he told me Ada, Minnesota.

Ada, apart from being a palindrome, is a subject of 6 degrees of separation.  Ada has been a big part of the Project 24 story and has been supported through all of the ups and downs.  Please go back and check the blog for Nov 21, 2011.  There you will many connections and now Pastor Ellingworth is another member of the Ada club.  Please scroll down on side and find November 2011 and check out that blog.Nov 21, 2011