There was a program on a long time ago called “Bewitched”.  The premise was that an advertising agent married a witch who performed magic by twitching her nose.  Her husband of course, forbid her from witchcraft, but once in a while she would do something witchy for convenience sake and usually the neighbor who spied on her saw it happen and freaked out,  The neighbors name was Gladys Kravitz and she spent a lot of time staring out the window watching.  That was of course one of the great attractions of the show, waiting to see what Gladys would see and watch her reaction.  Her husbands name was Abner and of course his reactions to her were priceless.

My wife has taken to watching the street in front of our house through a portion of the front window and commenting on the traffic or the dogs that stroll by.  I starting to call her Gladys but since the virus scare she put crosses and hearts on the window as encouragement to passers by.  I guess it is a thing to put cut out hearts on windows but she took it a bit further and put crosses up too.  It is a good thing but it put and end to Kravitz Corner.  I can see stuff happening but I have to look through the crosses and the hearts.

The point of our life in Christ is that a lot of stuff is going all around us.  Some is good and some is bad and some is just plain awful, but we look at it through the cross and heart of God.  The cross, as awful as it was, showed us the love of God that passes our understanding and which gives us the peace that passes understanding too.