Bob Wurl and a Seminary Student at Motango

The devotions are a project from an advanced writing class at Neema Lutheran College at Motango.  Here are the authors in alphabetical order – Alloys, Domisian (Rev); Alot, Otti Charles (Rev.); Nassia, Thomas Francis (Rev.) In
remembrance of 500 years — Guest Writer: Rev. Dr. Martin Luther


When we lose any of our beloved ones, we need comforts from our closest friends -for comfort brings hope. Likewise our God the Source of all comforts is now comforting His people by assuring them of the coming of the promised Messiah.

God Himself decided to show love to us through His Son Jesus Christ, even without any sign of our contrition. God the loving Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, with whom everything is possible, sent the Incarnate God, Jesus, in the flesh to
demonstrate all veiled secrets of the heavenly kingdom to mankind and reconcile the whole world to Himself. Contrition and confession for our sins leads to true reconciliation and helps us to understand the true meaning of Advent in our lives spiritually, not mere physical preparation, but the preparation of the hearts to receive the coming promised Savior.

As Isaiah the prophet was advising people about the voice crying in the wilderness to prepare the way for the Lord, so will our hearts be prepared by His word for our Lord’s final coming.

Collect: Oh God the source of all comfort, who comforted the whole world to have future hope, in this season of Advent, help our belief in Him, the real Comforter of the world and help us to be comforted spiritually by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ in word and Sacraments; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God now and forever – Amen