Advent Devotions

The devotions are a project from an advanced writing class at Neema Lutheran College at Motango.  Here are the authors in alphabetical order – Alloys, Domisian (Rev); Alot, Otti Charles (Rev.); Nassia, Thomas Francis (Rev.) In
remembrance of 500 years — Guest Writer: Rev. Dr. Martin Luther

“You are my servant, I have chosen you and not cast you off“ Isaiah 41:9b

Jesus comes; He comes to you. In fact, you do not go to Him; neither do you go after Him. He is too high for you and too far away. All your wealth and wisdom, all your work and efforts, will not bring you near Him, lest you pride yourself that your merit and worth had brought Him to you. Dear friend, all your hard work and good deeds will not help you. There is nothing in your favor because you are altogether unworthy, while, on the other hand, God offers pure grace and mercy. This is where man in his poverty and the Lord in His unsearchable riches come together.

So learn from the Gospel when God begins to build you into His image, and learn what it takes to become a saintly person. There is no other beginning the minute your King comes to you and begins to work in you. You do not look for Him, He looks for you’ you do not find Him, He finds you. Your faith comes from Him, not of yourselves. And where He does come, you must remain outside. And where there is no Gospel, there is no God, but only sin and destruction. Therefore, do not ask where to begin a Godly life. There is no beginning except where this King comes and is
preached. (Martin Luther)

Blessed Jesus, we thank You that You have come. We thank You that You came not only for the whole world, but also for as individuals. Thank You, especially, that You look for us, since, because of our sins, we are unable or unwilling to look for You. Thank You again for coming, dear Jesus. Stay with us, because we need You day by day. Amen