I have always watched as the Monday after the Sunday of Christ the King seems to function as a kind of start for a race.  It was that way until someone Invented Black Friday and cyber Monday.  It still signals a lot of business.

There is so much to think about as we enter the season of the year that revolves around Advent and Christmas and as we wend our way that way we sometimes forget the commemorations that come through this time of the year as well.  I just learned that tommorow we are supposed to celebrate “giving Tuesday” and make sure we give to folks that do not have all the things that we do.  Might I suggest a gift to LCMS Mercy as needed, or Project 24?

in a few days the church remembers Noah and his shipping project the emblem of both wrath and mercy, the destruction of the old world and the beginning of a new under the sign of a bow in the sky. There is an interesting concept that comes from linguistics and studies of other cultures.that tell us something about the story of Noah. The Chinese logograms for salvation or rescue is a ship with 8 mouths inside.  So you should take some time to remember your baptism because the bow is a reminder of the flood and Noah and the Ark and the story is a reminder of Baptism that saves you.

On Friday we should remember Andrew the Apostle because he was one of the first followers of Jesus. In fact, he discovered Jesus before his brother Peter did.  Indeed, he was one of the two initial disciples of John the Baptist who encountered Jesus at the beginning of John’s Gospel.  Because he followed Jesus before St. Peter and the others, he is called the Protoklete or “First Called” apostle.

Then there is the decorating that needs to be done for the Christmas celebration and so many other things that need to be done because people have decided we should do them and the pressure gets tough.

In the mean time my cat has a wonderful way of finding the most comfortable spot in the house.  There should be a lesson there but I can’t quite figure out what it is.